Based in ChiPage 9cago, Illinois, Colette Ghunim’s passion lies at the cross section of social impact and visual storytelling. She has produced and edited videos for organizations in Costa Rica, India, and Egypt, and is currently working on a series documenting the lives of refugees resettled in Chicago.

Colette’s most recent documentary, The People’s Girls, received worldwide attention for its bold spotlight on Egypt’s issue of sexual harassment. With recognition by major international outlets such as Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, New York Daily News, and more, The People’s Girls trailer enticed over 2 millions views. She is currently working on Traces of Home, her first feature-length film documenting her journey back to Mexico and Palestine to locate her parents’ original homes, which they were forced to leave decades ago. Colette Ghunim strives to be a changemaker for communities worldwide, documenting powerful stories of individuals that often go unnoticed.




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